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17 juin 2010

A Quick Look at Inventor Publisher Technology Preview

autodesk inventor tutorials tips

Released in the midst of Autodesk University 2009, Autodesk Inventor    Publisher is a technology preview of a 3D documentation publishing    application, aimed as those who might wish to create assembly    instructions, repair manuals, and other CAD-based documents.

The program can read both native Inventor parts (.ipt) and DWF files,     but the light DWF file format might be easier to handle, especially in    creating animations involving large assemblies. The software lets you    move, rotate, and explode your subassembly components based on their    geometry, not on the original mating conditions. Unlike a solid-modeling    environment, in Inventor Publisher¡¯s move-making environment, solid    parts do not exhibit collision detection. Therefore, if you¡¯re dealing    with an assembly with restricted motions, you¡¯ll need to keep them in    mind as you create your animation sequence in Inventor Publisher.

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